Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Well, it's been awhile

I do have my reasons for abandoning you, dear half assed blog, for several months.  Things never did quite uncomplicate for Drew and me.  We soul searched, talked, cried, and realized it wasn't meant to be.  He took on quite a challenge in a widow with 2 children.  And he rose to the occasion.  Sean and Siobhan will miss him in their every day lives.  So will I.

We filed late last February and by August it was final. Since the filing, we've both found other relationships and are cautiously moving on.  Are we friends now?  Surprisingly yes, we are.  It's not like we hang out, but recently, Drew was in Saratoga on business with his new girlfriend and we all had dinner together (my new boyfriend included).  It was a bit awkward, but it ended up being fun.  Drew's a part of me, just like JP is a part of me now.

I've gone back into private practice.  I enjoy having my little office and my office hours and having more of a normal life.  I teach on occasion and I still do the paranormal stuff, I've just decided to scale back on the investigating and get back into what I used to do - psychokinesis and the like.  And I've decided to finally polish up my thesis for my anthropology Masters and submit it.  Wish me luck on that!

I do promise to TRY to get to this blog more often.  I just need to wrote more even if no one ever reads it.

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